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The Maricopa County Community College District, also known as Maricopa Community Colleges, is one of the largest community college district in the United States, serving more than 128.000 students each year in Maricopa County, Arizona.[1] The district serves Maricopa County, the county that includes and surrounds Phoenix and is the most populous of the state's counties. The district's administrative headquarters are located in Tempe, Arizona (east suburban Phoenix).

The programs offered at MCCCD range from two-year associate degree, occupational certificates, online classes, and dual enrollment programs.

The MCCCD primarily serves students from the Phoenix, AZ metropolitan area and surrounding parts of Maricopa County. The cost of tuition for Maricopa County residents $84 per credit hour, as of the 2015-16 academic year.[2] The district's administrative headquarters are located in Tempe, Arizona. Colleges


Skill Centers[edit]

Maricopa Corporate College[edit]

The corporate college develops and implements training solutions for new and existing Arizona businesses based on specifically identified needs. The corporate college will provide consultative services to businesses, and continuing education to professionals, and will oversee district entrepreneurial activities and initiatives, such as the business incubator on the Gateway Community College campus. Using best practices of successful corporate colleges implemented in Ohio, North Carolina, Texas, Florida and Indiana, Maricopa's corporate college will provide non-accredited training. This means it will function independently of the 10 Maricopa community colleges and two skill centers while drawing on their faculty and facility resources when appropriate. In addition to working with employers that are moving into the Valley, it will offer professional and continuing education programs to established corporations and associations. While it is called a corporate college, it differs from the community colleges in that it will not be accredited and will not offer for-credit courses. [3] [4]

Center for Entrepreneurial Innovation (CEI)[edit]

The result of a partnership among the City of Phoenix, the Economic Development Administration and the Maricopa County Community College District, as well as additional public and private partners, the business incubator helps companies grow and commercialize their business, championing small business job creation for the region. The center houses more than 30 office, wet lab and light manufacturing spaces, as well as state-of-the-art presentation technology, client server room, and additional collaborative and meeting areas. Clients have access to student research teams and a vast network of mentors and partner organizations as well.[5] [6]


The Phoenix Union High School District established Phoenix Junior College (now Phoenix College) in 1920; it was the first community college in the state of Arizona. In 1960, the state legislature provided for junior college districts in Arizona. The Maricopa County Junior College District was established in 1962 by the approval of county voters, with the new system acquiring Phoenix Junior College.

The system established branch campuses of Phoenix Junior College in the nearby suburbs of Glendale and Mesa; these would become independent campuses within the system by the end of the decade (1965). Other campuses were established in the following years:

In 1971, the "Junior College" portion of the name was changed to "Community College".

The State Board of Directors for Community Colleges of Arizona presided over the entire statewide community college system until June 2002, when the Arizona Legislature reduced its powers and duties and transferred most oversight to individual community college districts.


  • In 2014 The Maricopa Community Colleges won the Internet Advertising Competition in the category of Best Education Online Newsletter Campaign & Best University Online Newsletter Campaign [7]
  • In 2015 The Maricopa Community Colleges won the Internet Advertising Competition in the category of Best Education Online Campaign [8]
  • In 2012 The Maricopa Community Colleges Division of Business Services has been honored with an Outstanding Business Officer award by the Community College Business Officers organization (CCBO).[9]
  • In 2012 The Maricopa Community Colleges' Human Resources (HR) department has been profiled in the Fall 2012 edition of The Higher Education Workplace, a national publication of the College and University Professional Association for Human Resources (CUPA/HR).[10]


The Maricopa Community Colleges provide access to higher education for diverse students and communities. The colleges focus on learning through:

  • University Transfer Education
  • General Education
  • Developmental Education
  • Workforce Development
  • Student Development Services
  • Continuing Education
  • Community Education
  • Civic Responsibility
  • Global Engagement

Governing Board[edit]

The Governing Board of the Maricopa County Community College District is currently made up of seven active members, five of them are elected from geographical districts within the Maricopa County, and two at-large positions represent the entire county.[11]

Member Position
Tracy Livingston President
Johanna Haver Secretary
Alfredo Gutierrez Member
Doyle Burke Member
John Heep Member
Dana Saar Member
Jean McGrath Member


The Chancellor of the Maricopa Community Colleges is the CEO of the 10-college system. The Presidents at each college and a select group of Vice Chancellors report to the Chancellor, who serves at the pleasure of the Governing Board.

Rufus Glasper, Ph.D., is Chancellor of the Maricopa Community Colleges. He has served in that role for five years, and previously held District leadership positions for more than two decades.[12] On March 1, 2012, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Janet Napolitano appointed Dr. Rufus Glasper, Chancellor of Maricopa Community Colleges, to the Homeland Security Academic Advisory Council (HSAAC). The charge of this council is to advise the Secretary and senior leadership at the Department on several key issues.[13]

Fred Gaskin served as the Maricopa district's chancellor from 2000 until Dr. Glasper's appointment five years later. Prior to Gaskin, Dr. Paul Elsner served as the district's chancellor from November 1977 to his retirement in June, 1999.

John Prince was appointed President of the Maricopa Community Colleges District in 1967, serving until 1976. Robert J. Hannelly was appointed the first district president in 1947, and served until Prince's appointment.

Name confusion[edit]

The Maricopa Community College District, or Maricopa Community Colleges for short, is also known as the Maricopa County Community College District (MCCCD). This is the legal entity name of the District. Some confuse the Maricopa Community Colleges abbreviation for Mesa Community College (MCC), one of the ten Maricopa colleges. The District's official initialism, therefore, is MCCCD, while Mesa's is MCC.


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