Marie-Clementine Bagration

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Princess Marie-Clementine Bagration (German: Marie-Klementine Bagration) (1810-1829) was illegitimate daughter of Prince Klemens von Metternich with Princess Catherine Bagration.[1][2][3]

Marie-Clementine was born on 29 September 1810 in Vienna. By the order and personal involvement of Emperor Alexander I of Russia she was recognized and recorded as the legitimate daughter of General of Russian imperial army Prince Pyotr Bagration who was a husband of Catherine Bagration, and became an official member of the Georgian royal Bagrationi dynasty.

Marie-Clementine married Prince Otto von Blome (1795-1884) on 12 July 1828 and had son Otto Paul Julius Gustav von Blome (1829 -1906).

Marie-Clementine died on 26 May 1829 in Paris.


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