Marie (given name)

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PronunciationFrench: [maʁi]
Czech: [ˈmarɪjɛ]
Language(s)Biblical Hebrew, via Syro-Aramaic, Greek, Latin
Other names
Related namesMaria, Mary; Maryam

Marie is the French form of Mary, directly derived from Latin Maria.

It is also the standard form of the name in Czech, and is also used, either as a variant of Mary or Maria or a borrowing from French, in Danish, English, German, Norwegian, and Swedish.

Compound names[edit]


Female compound given names


French Marie, just as Italian/Spanish Maria, is traditionally also used in masculine compound names or more rarely as a middle name, especially in catholic families.

People with the name Marie[edit]

People with the given name Marie:

People with the surname Marie:

Fictional characters[edit]

Fictional characters with the given name Marie:

Fictional characters with the surname Marie:

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