Marie Besnier Beauvalot

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Marie Besnier Beauvalot
Born 1980
Residence Laval, Mayenne, France
Nationality French
Net worth US$5.6 billion[1]
Parent(s) Michel Besnier
Christiane Besnier
Relatives André Besnier (paternal grandfather)
Emmanuel Besnier (brother)
Jean-Michel Besnier (brother)

Marie Besnier Beauvalot (born 1980) is a French billionaire heiress. She is a major shareholder of Lactalis.

Early life[edit]

Marie Besnier Beauvalot was born in 1980.[1] Her father, Michel Besnier, served as the CEO of Lactalis from 1955 to 2000. Her paternal grandfather, André Besnier, founded the Besnier Group (later known as Lactalis) in 1933. She has two brothers: Emmanuel Besnier, who serves as the CEO of Lactalis, and Jean-Michel Besnier.


Besnier inherited 100% of Lactalis with her brothers in 2000.[1] As of 2018, she is worth an estimated US$5.6 billion.[1]

Personal life[edit]

Besnier is married. She resides in Laval, Mayenne, France.[1]