Marie Bouliard

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Marie-Geneviève Bouliard
Aspasia painting.jpg
Marie-Geneviève Bouliard self-portrait as Aspasia, 1794, Musée d'Arras
Paris, France
DiedOctober 9, 1825(1825-10-09) (aged 61–62)
Bois-d'Arcy, France
Known forPainting

Marie-Geneviève Bouliard (born Paris, 1763; died Saône-et-Loire, 1825) was a French artist who primarily painted portraits.[1]

She was a pupil of Jean-Baptiste Greuze, Joseph-Benoît Suvée, Joseph Duplessis.[2] Her Aspasia, a self-portrait, was produced in 1794. It was exhibited in the 1795 Paris Salon where it received a Prix d'Encouragement.

Her painting Portrait of an Actress, Probably Mlle. Bélier, was included in the 1905 book Women Painters of the World.[3]


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