Marie Brémont

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Marie Brémont
Born Marie Mesange
25 April 1886
Noëllet, France
Died 6 June 2001
(aged 115 years 42 days)
Candé, France
Known for Supercentenarian
Spouse(s) Constant Lemaitre
(?-?, his death)
Florentin Brémont
(?- 1967, his death)

Marie Marthe Augustine Lemaitre Brémont (née Mesange; 25 April 1886 – 6 June 2001)[1] was a French supercentenarian and the oldest recognized person in the world from November 2000 until her death at age 115 years 42 days.[2] Brémont is the second oldest French person to have ever lived, after longevity world record holder Jeanne Calment.[3]


Brémont was born in Noëllet,[2] Western France on April 25, 1886 to a lumberjack. Her first husband, railroad worker Constant Lemaitre, was killed in the First World War. She married again to a taxi driver, Florentin Brémont, who died in 1967. She had no children.[1]

Over the course of her life, she worked as a farmer, as well as in a pharmaceutical factory, as a nanny and as a seamstress. At 103, she was hit by a car and broke her arm as a result.[4] She died at her retirement home at age 115 years 42 days in Candé, Maine-et-Loire.


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