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Marie Chapian is an American writer, lecturer, speaker, radio ministry host, Christian counselor,[1][dead link] and psychotherapist based in California. She was the author of more than 25 books,[2] including those related to health and fitness. Chapian was nominated for the Ten Outstanding Women of America Award. Her books were translated into more than 24 languages,[3] including Arabic and Chinese.[1][dead link]


Chapian received her education from the University of Minnesota, Moody Bible Institute, and Metropolitan State University. She has a PhD degree in the field of psychology.[3][dead link]


Chapian was a recipient of the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association's Platinum Book Award for her book, Free to Be Thin.[3] Her other recognitions include two Cornerstone Book of the Year Awards, the Gold Medallion Book Award and the Silver Angel Awards[1]

Books written[edit]


  • City Psalms (1972)[4]
  • Mind Things (1973)[4]

Children's books[edit]

  • Mustard Seed Library (1974)[4]
  • The Holy Spirit and Me[4]
  • I Learn About the Fruit of the Holy Spirit[4]
  • I Learn About the Gifts of the Holy Spirit[4]



  • To My Friend Books, a series of 12 giftbooks (1974)[3]
  • Free to Be Thin (with Neva Coyle)[3]
  • The All New Free to Be Thin (with Neva Coyle)[5]
  • Telling Yourself the Truth: Find Your Way Out of Depression, Anxiety, Fear, Anger, and Other Common Problems by Applying the Principles of Misbelief Therapy (with Dr. William Backus)[3][5][5]
  • Mothers and Daughters, guidebook for female teenagers and their mothers.[3]
  • Am I the Only One With Faded Genes?[3]
  • A Heart for God, a series of five devotional books.[3]
  • His Thoughts Toward Me (Heart For God Series) (Septembre 1987)[5]
  • Angels in Our Lives (August 2006)[5]
  • In the Morning of My Life (with Tom Netherton) (February 1981)[5]
  • Gods Heart for You, Daily Promises of God's Faithfulness In His Own Words (October 2005)[5]
  • Back on Course (with Gavin MacLeod and Patti MacLeod) (April 1987)[5]
  • Staying Happy in an Unhappy World (June 1989)[5]


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