Marie Colaco School

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Marie Colaco School
84 Depot Line, Saddar, Karachi
Coordinates 24°51′53″N 67°1′36″E / 24.86472°N 67.02667°E / 24.86472; 67.02667Coordinates: 24°51′53″N 67°1′36″E / 24.86472°N 67.02667°E / 24.86472; 67.02667
School type Privately Owned
Established unknown date
Founder Mr. & Mrs. Colaco
Status Demolition stayed by SHC
Closed 1998

The Marie Colaco (pronounced Co-la-so and NOT Co-la-ko) was an English medium school located in Saddar near Karachi Grammar School. The school was owned by Mr & Mrs Colaco, a British family. The school gained its popularity during the 1950s and 1960s.[1] The school was politically forced to be demolished in 1998, but the demolition was halted by an order of Sindh High Court.[2]


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