Marie Henri Andoyer

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Marie Henri Andoyer
Born(1862-10-01)1 October 1862
Paris, France
Died12 June 1929(1929-06-12) (aged 66)
Paris, France
Alma mater
Céleste Antoinette Marguerite Perissé
(m. 1889)
Scientific career
FieldsMathematical astronomy
ThesisContribution à la théorie des orbites intermédiares (1886)

Marie Henri Andoyer (1 October 1862 – 12 June 1929) was a French astronomer and mathematician.


Andoyer was born in Paris, 1 October 1862 to Marie Antionette Doubliez and Louis Jules Andoyer. His father was bureau chief at the Banque de France. Andoyer studied at the Lycée d’Harcourt, before attending the École Normale Supérieure, graduating in 1884 with a degree in mathematical sciences. The same year he began working at Toulouse Observatory and was a lecturer at the Faculty of Sciences in Toulouse.[1][2]

In 1886 he was awarded a doctorate in mathematical sciences by the University of Paris. In 1889 he married Céleste Antoinette Marguerite Perissé, with whom he had three children. One of his sons was killed in World War I, his daughter married the mathematician Pierre Humbert.[1]

From 1892 he taught at the Sorbonne, being elected a professor in 1903.[2]

Andoyer was elected member of the French Académie des sciences on June 30, 1919 in the astronomy section. He was member of the Bureau des longitudes.[1]


  • Henri Andoyer. Nouvelles tables trigonométriques fondamentales. Valeurs naturelles (Bibliothèque de la Sorbonne, MS 1864-1875)



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