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Marie Huot (1846-1930). French poet, writer, feminist and animal rights activist. She was also a close friend of the Swedish impressionist painter and Sufi mystic Ivan Agueli.

Marie Huot was the wife of Anatole-Théodore-Marie Huot, editor for the leftist Parisian magazine L'Encyclopédie Contemporaine Illustrée.

Marie Huot was famous for a number of spectacular activist actions.

In 1886 she interrupted a lecture by Louis Pasteur at the Sorbonne University, for using dogs in animal testing.

She also once at Collège de France hit the Mauritian scientist Charles-Édouard Brown-Séquard over the head with a parasol for having performed a vivisection on a monkey.

In the year 1900, she helped the Swedish anarchist Ivan Aguéli in his attack on two matadors at a French bullfight.