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Marie Plourde (born April 29, 1966) is a French-Canadian journalist and television personality[1] originally from Grand-Mère, Quebec, and now residing in Montreal.

She was one of the first VJs on the early days of MusiquePlus. She now writes a column in Le Journal de Montréal and hosts various television programs.

More recently, Ms. Plourde has decided to use her local celebrity and attractiveness to raise money for the Canadian Breast Cancer Society in a novel manner. Taking example from the many persons who have sold bodily advertisement space on auction web sites such as eBay, Marie Plourde will auction off provocatively placed advertising space on a t-shirt she will wear for a week. All the proceeds collected from the sale went towards research into breast cancer. In less than a week, she raised 60 000 dollars with her original initiative. La Semaine, a weekly magazine, had the highest bid.[citation needed]

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