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Marie de Garis MBE (née Le Messurier; 15 June 1910 – 10 August 2010) was a Guernsey author and lexicographer who wrote the Dictiounnaire Angllais-Guernésiais (English-Guernésiais dictionary), the first edition of which was published in 1967. This new work largely superseded George Métivier's Dictionnaire Franco-Normand.[citation needed]

Born in 1910 in Saint Peter, Guernsey, she published Folklore of Guernsey (1975) and the Glossary of Guernsey place-names. She served as president of La Société Guernesiaise and of L'Assembllaïe d'Guernesiais.[1]

In 1999 de Garis received an MBE for her contributions to the preservation of Guernsey culture. She turned 100 in 2010.[2]


De Garis died in the early hours of 10 August 2010 after being admitted to the Princess Elizabeth Hospital in Saint Andrew, Guernsey.[3]


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