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Marie of Artois

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Marie of Artois
Seal of Marie of Artois (12 October 1331).
Died22 January 1365 (aged 73–74)
Wijnendaele, Flanders
Noble familyArtois
Spouse(s)John I, Marquis of Namur
FatherPhilip of Artois
MotherBlanche of Brittany

Marie of Artois (French: Marie d'Artois, Dutch: Maria van Artesië.) Born in 1291, was the Margravine consort of Namur in 1310-1330 by marriage to John I, Marquis of Namur. She was the regent of Namur during the minority of her son William I in 1337-1340.[1]

She became the Lady of Méraude (Merode) when she purchased it from John the Blind, King of Bohemia, in 1342, until she left it to her son William I in 1353.


She was the fourth daughter of Philip of Artois and Blanche of Brittany.

Marie married John I, Marquis of Namur,[2] son of Guy of Dampierre, Count of Flanders and Marquis of Namur, and his second wife Isabelle of Luxembourg.

They were married by contract in Paris on 6 March 1310, confirmed in Poissy, January 1313. John granted her as dower the castle of Wijnendale in Flanders, ratified by the Count of Flanders (John's half-brother, Robert III) in 1313.

She became a widow in 1330.

In 1337, her youngest fifth son became Marquis. Since he was fifteen and a minor, she became Regent of Namur until her reached his majority.


Name Lifespan Notes
John of Namur
Marquis of Namur
1310/12 -
2 April 1335
Succeeded his father in 1330 as John II, Marquis of Namur. Buried at Kloster Spaltheim.
Guy of Namur
Marquis of Namur
1311/13 -
12 March 1336
Succeeded his brother in 1335 as Guy II, Marquis of Namur.
Henry of Namur
1312/13 –
8 October 1333
Canon at Chartres Cathedral; canon at Cambrai Cathedral, 1324; canon at Châlons-sur-Marne and Reims, 1325.
Philip of Namur
Marquis of Namur
1319 -
September 1337
Succeeded his brother in 1336 as Philip III, Marquis of Namur. Murdered at Famagusta, Cyprus.
Blanche of Namur
Queen consort of Sweden and Norway
1320 -
autumn 1363
She was accused by the noblewoman Birgitta Birgersdatter (Saint Bridget of Sweden) of having poisoned the latter's son, her innocence of the crime only being proved at the end of the 18th century. She lived at Tønsberghus castle in Norway from 1358, because of the political situation in Sweden, and administered the fiefs of Vestfold and Skienssysla. Married 5 November 1335 at Bohus Castle Magnus IV of Sweden. He was deposed in 1355 as King of Norway, and in 1364 as King of Sweden.
Marie of Namur
Gräfin von Vianden
Dame de Pierrepont
1322 -
before 29 October 1357
Married firstly, in 1335/36, Henry II, Graf of Vianden, son of Philip II, Graf of Vianden and his first wife Lucia von der Neuerburg. Her first husband was murdered at Famagusta in September 1337. Married secondly (1340, dispensation 9 September 1342) her father's second cousin, Theobald of Bar, Seigneur de Pierrepont, son of Erard of Bar, Seigneur de Pierrepont et d'Ancerville (himself son of Theobald II of Bar), and his wife Isabelle of Lorraine (daughter of Theobald II, Duke of Lorraine).
Margaret of Namur
1323 -
13 September 1383
A nun at Peteghem.
William of Namur
Marquis of Namur
1324 -
1 October 1391
Succeeded his brother in 1337 as William I "the Rich", Marquis of Namur. Buried at the Franciscan convent in Namur. Father of William II, Marquis of Namur, and John III, Marquis of Namur, who sold Namur to Philip the Good.
Robert of Namur
Seigneur de Beaufort-sur-Meuse et de Renaix
1325 -
1/29 April 1391
Seigneur de Beaufort-sur-Meuse et de Renaix; Marshal of Brabant. Married firstly (dispensation 18 October 1354) Isabelle of Hainault, sister of Philippa of Hainault, daughter of William III, Count of Hainault and his wife Joan of Valois. Married secondly (4 February 1380) as her first husband, Isabeau de Melun, heiress of Viane, daughter of Hugues de Melun, Seigneur d'Antoing (died 1409). Robert had two illegitimate children by unknown mistresses.
Louis of Namur
Seigneur de Peteghem et de Bailleul
1325 -
Seigneur de Peteghem et de Bailleul. Flemish counsellor. Governor of Namur 1351. Married on 17 May 1365 Isabelle de Roucy, Dame de Roucy, daughter and heiress of Robert II, Count of Roucy and his wife Marie d'Enghien (-after 1396).
Elizabeth of Namur
Electress Palatine
1329 -
29 March 1382
Married Rupert I, Elector Palatine, in autumn 1350 or summer 1358. Died without children in Heidelberg.


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