Marievale Bird Sanctuary

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A moorhen family in the sanctuary

Marievale Bird Sanctuary is a protected area in Gauteng, South Africa. It is about 10 km2 in size, and situated on the East Rand on the Blesbokspruit. The Blesbokspruit is a major perennial river in Gauteng which is flanked by extensive floodplains on either side.
No exact numbers are quoted, but a visitor's information pamphlet[1] produced by the Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa (WESSA) and available at the sanctuary claims that almost 300 bird species frequent the wetland. In addition, blesbok, Cape clawless otter, three species of mongoose, reedbuck and Cape hare have also been observed in the sanctuary. Access to the reserve is free and there are four bird hides (named Flamingo, Hadeda, Duiker and Shelduck) and a public picnic site in the reserve.


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Coordinates: 26°21′35″S 28°30′32″E / 26.35972°S 28.50889°E / -26.35972; 28.50889