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Marighella poster.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directed byWagner Moura
StarringSeu Jorge
Adriana Esteves
Bruno Gagliasso
Humberto Carrão
Luiz Carlos Vasconcelos
Release date
  • February 14, 2019 (2019-02-14) (Berlin)

Marighella is a 2019 Brazilian film directed by Wagner Moura, based on the life of the politician and guerilla fighter Carlos Marighella.[1] The film was adapted from the biography Marighella - O Guerrilheiro que Incendiou o Mundo (Marighella - The Guerrilla fighter that Lighted the World), by Mário Magalhães. It is Moura's directorial debut.

Seu Jorge plays Carlos Marighella. The film also features Adriana Esteves, Bruno Gagliasso and Humberto Carrão.[2]



The film debuted at the 69th Berlin International Film Festival on February 14, 2019, but did not participate for the Golden Bear Award.[3]

Several sources reported that internet bots were used to reduce the movie rating on the IMDb website. In response, IMDb deactivated ratings on the film's page. By February 18, 2019, the movie had more than 15,000 ratings on IMDb, although it had not yet been released in theatres.[4][5][6]

The film has also attracted political controversies. Stephen Dalton, writing for the Hollywood Reporter, remarked that Wagner Moura presents Marighella's character as a hero and a martyr for democracy and liberal values, even though, in reality, Marighella was a self proclaimed far-left Marxist, who many would deem a terrorist by modern standards.[7] Further, Marighella's ethnicity was also deeply debated. In the movie, Moura portraits him as black. However, many critics claimed that in reality Marighella was white or pardo (mestizo) and Moura tries to rewrite history by labelling him as a black hero.[8] In response, Moura argued that "[t]here's no way to discuss any social issue in Brazil without talking about racial issues. For me, Marighella had to be black."[8]


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