Marigold (1938 film)

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Directed by Thomas Bentley
Produced by John W. Gossage
Walter C. Mycroft
Written by Charles Garvice
Mrs Lizzie Allen Harker
Francis Robert Pryor
Dudley Leslie
Starring Sophie Stewart
Patrick Barr
Phyllis Dare
Edward Chapman
Music by Anthony Collins
Cinematography Günther Krampf
Edited by Monica Kimick
Distributed by Associated British Film Distributors
Release date
November 1938
Country United Kingdom
Language English

Marigold is a 1938 British drama film directed by Thomas Bentley and starring Sophie Stewart, Patrick Barr, Phyllis Dare, Edward Chapman and Pamela Stanley.[1][2] The film was set in Scotland in the Victorian era. It was filmed in Edinburgh. It was based on a 1914 play of the same title by Lizzie Allen Harker and Francis R. Pryor.



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