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Marijan Rističević (Маријан Ристичевић) (born 1 March 1958) is a Serbian politician and leader of the People's Peasant Party. He was a deputy in the National Assembly of Serbia for 7 years.[1] He was a presidential candidate in the Serbian presidential election, 2004, when he won 0.33% of votes.[2] He was one of the candidates in the Serbian presidential election, 2008 when he won only 0.45% of votes.[3] He then threw his support to Tomislav Nikolić in the second round of voting.[4] Rističević portrays himself as a colorful but uneducated peasant, and has gained notoriety in Serbian public because of that image. At one instance, he parked his tractor in front of the building of the National Assembly.[1][5]

He has been the president of People's Peasant Party since 1990.[1] In the 2003 Serbian parliamentary election the party in coalition with Party of Serbian Unity and others won 1.79% of the total vote.[citation needed]


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