Marijuana Deathsquads

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Marijuana Deathsquads
Origin Minneapolis, Minnesota
Genres Electronic, noise, improvisation, experimental
Years active 2009–present
Labels Totally Gross National Product
Associated acts Poliça, Har Mar Superstar, Doomtree, Bon Iver, Gayngs, Solid Gold
Members Ryan Olson
Isaac Gale
Stef Alexander
Ben Ivascu
Mark McGee
Jeremy Nutzman

Marijuana Deathsquads is a Minneapolis-based noise band with an electronic, improvised, experimental sound that has been described as "ear-bending improv/dance grooves that defied listener expectations and spit in the face of easy categorization."[1]


Formed in 2009,[2] the band consists of Ryan Olson of Gayngs, Isaac Gale, Stef Alexander (a.k.a. P.O.S), Ben Ivascu of Poliça, Mark McGee of To Kill a Petty Bourgeoisie, and Jeremy Nutzman (a.k.a. Velvet Negroni).[3] Frequent collaborators include Channy Leaneagh and Drew Christopherson of Poliça, Har Mar Superstar, and Jim Eno.[4]

In November 2011, they released their first LP, Crazy Master.[5] In 2011, singer Isaac Gale won the City Pages Best Male Vocalist award, his singing described as "a poltergeist creeping out of a snowy, crackling television screen, Gale's tortured, throaty hollering is the stuff of zombie nightmares, simultaneously gut-wrenching and enthralling."[6]

In September 2012, they released the Tamper Disable Destroy mixtape.[7]

In May 2013 they released Music Rocks I & II, two EPs featuring Ryan Olson, Isaac Gale, Jason Power, Ben Ivascu, Channy Leaneagh, Mark McGee, Jeremy Nutzman, Stefon Alexander, and Madden.[8]

In October 2013 the band released Oh My Sexy Lord, an LP that Spin magazine called "ferocious" and described as fusing "jagged grooves, scratchy analog effects, and robo-warped vocals into a full-length, experimental freakout."[9] The album features guest appearances by Bon Iver frontman Justin Vernon, Poliça frontwoman Channy Leaneagh, and Har Mar Superstar.[10]


Chris Reiemenschneider of the Star Tribune said that "Marijuana Deathsquads has been steadily blowing eardrums, breaking drum heads and tearing at the seams of conventional music-making since its semi-mysterious inception."[11]


  • Crazy Master (2011)
  • Tamper Disable Destroy (2012)
  • Music Rocks I & II (2013)
  • Oh My Sexy Lord (2013)


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