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Marika Aychesh Carlsson
Marika Carlsson 2015-01-09.jpeg
Born Marika Aychesh Carlsson
(1973-03-19) 19 March 1973 (age 44)

Marika Aychesh Carlsson, née Marika Carlsson, is a standup comedian and TV-personality in Sweden.

Carlsson was born in Ethiopia and was adopted by a Swedish couple at age two.[1] She grew up in the town of Lund in Sweden's Skåne province.[2] Carlsson studied theatre and acting in Gothenburg before moving to Stockholm to break into the standup comedy circuit.[3] In 2006 she was awarded the prize for best female standup comedian at the annual Swedish comedy awards.[3][4]


She is probably best known from the popular panel game show Parlamentet on TV4, which parodies Swedish political debate. Carlsson has also featured in other TV shows such as, Stockholm Live, 100%, Carin 21.30, Grillad, Comedy fight Club Roast på Berns, Kvällsöppet,[5] and as the host for SVT's televised coverage of the 2010 National Day of Sweden.[6]


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