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Marilena de Souza Chaui (born September 4, 1941) is a Brazilian philosopher and member of the Workers Party.

She is the daughter of journalist Nicholas Alberto Chaui, of Arabic origin, and teacher Laura de Souza Chaui. She was married to the journalist José Augusto de Mattos Berlinck, with whom he had two sons - William Joseph and Luciana. Is currently married to Michael Hall, historian and professor at Unicamp.

Full Professor of Political Philosophy and History of Modern Philosophy in the University of São Paulo, having become master in 1967 (Merleau-Ponty and the critique of humanism). Received her doctorate in 1971 with "Introduction to Reading Spinoza", under the guidance of Professor Gilda de Mello e Souza Rocha. In 1977 became free teaching of Philosophy (The Rib of real: Spinoza and the issue of freedom) from the University of São Paulo.

Her book "What is Ideology" was selected by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Brazil as a mandatory textbook in public schools, becoming thus a bestseller with over a hundred thousand copies sold, well above the average of sales of didactic books in Brazil.

She was Municipal Secretary of Culture of São Paulo, from 1989 to 1992, during the administration of Luiza Erundina (1988-1992). Remains attached to the Workers Party (PT) [clarification needed]

In 2013, during the release of the book "10 Years of Post-Liberal Government in Brasil: Lula and Dilma", Marilena paved her road to a negative fame when during her speech she explained why she defends her point of view. She stated: "It's because I hate the middle class. The middle class is a delay of life. The middle class is stupidity. It is what we have as the most reactionary, conservative, ignorant, cocky, arrogant, terrorist ... The middle class is a political abomination, because it is fascist. It is an ethical abomination because it is violent. It is a cognitive abomination because it is ignorant ... ". Her speech became viral and the video showing her speech has been spread over all social medias in Brasil and internationally, including Youtube.

knowledge is used by Marilena Chauí to distill hatred and incite all other Brazilian social classes against the middle class. Using varied and downs terms against a large portion of the population, outdated and senile filosafa used the launch of a book which seeks to praise Lulla and Dilma to launch an inexplicable and insane attack on the Brazilian people.

She is the author of, among others,

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