Marilyn's Vitamins

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Marilyn's Vitamins
OriginOrangeville, Ontario, Canada
GenresPunk, anarcho-punk, pop punk
Years active1995–2000
LabelsUnderground Operations, Raw Energy, Ductape Records, Ugly Pop Records
Associated actsDead Letter Dept., The Stiffs, Hostage Life, Bombs Over Providence
MembersRob Moir
Danny Complex
Colin Lichti
Adam Cook
Shawn Dickey
Jeff Breen
Chris "Wooder" Wood

Marilyn's Vitamins were a Canadian punk rock band formed in 1995 from Orangeville, Ontario, Canada, playing their last show December 28, 1999 in Toronto, Ontario. In those near-five years they released two albums on Raw Energy and 7"s on Ductape, and Ugly Pop Vinyl. A posthumous collection was released on Underground Operations in 2003.[1] The band consisted of Rob Moir (guitar), Danny Complex (guitar/vocals), Colin Lichti (vocals), Adam Cook (bass/vocals), Jeff Breen (guitar), Kristoffer Wood (bass) and Shawn Dickey (drums).[2] Members of the band went on to form Bombs Over Providence, Hostage Life and Dead Letter Dept. [3][4] Members currently play in The Little Millionaires and Victim Party. Their lyrics mainly dealt with various political issues of the time.[5]


  • Jeff Breen (AKA "Jeff Obnoxious")
  • Dan Christopher (AKA "Danny Complex")
  • Adam Cook (AKA "Adam Purile")
  • Shawn Dickey (AKA "Dick Teenager")
  • Colin Lichti (AKA "Colin Vitamin", Colin Ridiculouspunkpseudonym)
  • Rob Moir (AKA Rob Stiff, Rob Potential)
  • Kris Wood (AKA "Wooder")


  • 1995: Self Titled (demo)
  • 1995: Down and Out In Levittown (demo)
  • 1996: In These Shoes (Raw Energy)
  • 1997: Squeegee Girl 7" (Ductape Records)
  • 1998: Politics On The Dance Floor (Raw Energy)
  • 1999: Meanwhile, During the Class War 7" (Ugly Pop Records) [6]


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