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Marilyn Tremaine in 2010

Professor Marilyn Mantei Tremaine is an American computer scientist. She is an expert in human–computer interaction and is a past chair of the SIGCHI Special Interest Group of the Association for Computing Machinery.[1]

Marilyn Tremaine was educated at the University of Wisconsin, gaining a BS in French, mathematics and physics, and then at the University of Southern California, gaining an MSc and PhD in communication theory.

Dr Tremaine was a Professor in the University of Michigan Business School and then a Professor in the Computer Science Department of the University of Toronto, Canada as part of the Dynamic Graphics Project. She is currently a Research Professor at Rutgers University at Piscataway, New Jersey. She holds joint appointments in the College of Communication and Information and the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.[2] She is a Professor Emerita at the New Jersey Institute of Technology.[3]

She has also been vice president of product development for three software startup companies and a Senior Research Scientist at the EDS Center for Applied Research.

Marilyn Tremaine co-founded ACM SIGCHI and has served as SIGCHI's vice-president of communications, finance, and conference planning, as well as being president. Dr Tremaine has served on six editorial boards for journals and has received two university teaching awards. She has also received the ACM SIGCHI Lifetime Service Award,[4] the CHCSS Lifetime Career Award, the 2010 UPA Lifetime Achievement Award, and an Apple Design award.

Dr Tremaine is especially known for her work on collaborative software.[2] Her research interests include auditory and multimodal interface design, global software development, and the development of interfaces for the blind and visually impaired.[5]

Marilyn Tremaine is married to the astrophysicist Scott Tremaine.


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