Marin County Department of Parks and Open Space

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The Marin County Department of Parks and Open Space, consisting of the Marin County Parks and Landscape Division and the Marin County Open Space District, is a parks governing body in Marin County, California overseen by the Marin County Board of Supervisors.[1] The current director and general manager is Linda Dahl.[2]


Open space[edit]

  • Alto Bowl
  • Bald Hill
  • Baltimore Canyon
  • Blithedale Summit
  • Bolinas Lagoon
  • Bothin Marsh
  • Camino Alto
  • Cascade Canyon
  • Deer Island
  • French Ranch
  • Gary Giacomini
  • Horse Hill
  • Ignacio Valley
  • Indian Tree
  • Indian Valley
  • King Mountain
  • Little Mountain
  • Loma Alta
  • Loma Verde
  • Lucas Valley
  • Maurice Thorner Memorial
  • Mount Burdell
  • Old Saint Hilary's
  • Pacheco Valle
  • Ring Mountain
  • Roy's Redwoods
  • Rush Creek
  • San Pedro Mountain
  • Santa Margarita Island
  • Santa Venetia Marsh
  • Terra Linda / Sleepy Hollow
  • Tiburon Ridge
  • Verissimo Hills
  • White Hill


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