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Marin Software
Traded as NYSEMRIN
Industry SaaS, Online advertising
Founded 2006
Headquarters San Francisco, California, United States
Number of employees

Marin Software (NYSE:MRIN) is an online advertising company used by brands and agencies to measure, manage, and optimize billions of dollars in annualized ad spending across the web and mobile devices. Marin Software is headquartered in San Francisco, with offices worldwide.


Marin Software was founded in April, 2006 by Christopher Lien, Wister Walcott, and Joseph Chang. Lien and Walcott are still with the company, with Lien as the Chief Executive Officer and Walcott as Executive Vice President, Product and Technology.

Lien came up with the concept for Marin Software following a brief stint working for an online ad firm in 2005. He realized that search advertisers had no viable software for managing their online campaigns, especially larger advertisers. Lien shared his idea with Chang and a former high school classmate, Wister Walcott. Chang had built J.Crew's website and was a co-worker with Lien at, Kmart's ecommerce site, when it launched in 1999. Walcott, who came from software giant Siebel, required a bit more convincing. Alongside Lien, the duo drove up and down California's highway 101 in early 2006, interviewing search marketers in Silicon Valley about their experience managing online ads. After a half-dozen interviews, Walcott was convinced that new software was needed.[1]

In April 2007, Marin Search Marketer made its debut and became commercially available in North America, signing Razorfish, Trouvé Media and ZipRealty. Marin Search Marketer has since been renamed Marin Enterprise Edition and is intended for easy and efficient management of large-scale online advertising programs. In March 2011, Marin Software announced the release of Marin Professional Edition, a paid search management application designed for advertisers and agencies spending less than $100,000 per month on paid search.[2]

Marin Software expanded into the European market with the opening of its UK office in early 2009.[3]

Marin Software shared plans to expand into Asia Pacific with offices in Singapore and Shanghai in January 2011, this announcement coinciding with the announcement of a partnership with Baidu.[4] In June 2011, Marin Software announced its expansion into Australia with the opening of an office in Sydney.[5] The following year, they opened an office in Tokyo, Japan.[6]

Marin Software has thirteen offices worldwide, its newest office having opened in Portland, Oregon in December 2012.

Between 2006 and 2012, Marin raised more than $100 million in funding. The company reported revenue of $36 million in 2011 and $50 million in 2012.[7]

In late 2012, Marin Software's CEO, Chris Lien, remarked to MediaPost that the company would undergo an IPO in 2013.[8] On February 13, 2013, Marin Software filed with the SEC for a $75 million initial public offering.[9] On March 22, 2013 the company went public, selling 7.5 Million shares at a price of 14 Dollars per share, raising $105 million at a valuation of $425 million.[10][11]

On September 24, 2014 Marin Software announced the launch of the Marin Audience Marketing Suite (AMS).[12]


The following is a list of acquisitions by Marin Software:

  • Perfect Audience (June 2014)[13]
  • SocialMoov (February 2015)[14]


  • Marin Software raised $105M in its IPO – March 22, 2013[15]
  • Marin Software received $30M in Series F funding (Temasek, Benchmark Capital, Crosslink Capital, DAG Ventures, SAP Ventures, and Triangle Peak Partners) – February 13, 2012[16]
  • Marin Software received $16M in Series E funding (Crosslink Capital, DAG Ventures, Focus Ventures, Benchmark Capital, and Triangle Peak Partners) – April 5, 2011[17]
  • Marin Software received $11.2M in Series D funding (Amicus Capital, Benchmark Capital, DAG Ventures, Focus Ventures, and Triangle Peak Partners) – June 2, 2010[18]
  • Marin Software received $13M in Series C funding (Amicus Capital, Benchmark Capital, DAG Ventures, and Focus Ventures) – April 28, 2009[19]
  • Marin Software received $7.25M in Series B funding (Benchmark Capital and Amicus Capital) – April 9, 2008[20]
  • Marin Software received $2.5M in Series A funding (Amicus Capital) – October 5, 2006[21]


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