Marina (given name)

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Pronunciation Ma-ri-na
Gender Female

Marina is a female given name, the feminine of Latin Marinus, from marinus "of the sea", occurring in many European languages.

Marina is also a Japanese name, with several variations on the kanji spelling and thus the meaning can vary.



Politics and journalism[edit]



  • Marina Orlova (born 1980), Russian internet celebrity with the show on YouTube, HotForWords
  • Marina Oswald Porter (born 1941), former widow of Lee Harvey Oswald, the presumed assassin of U.S. President John F. Kennedy
  • Marina Papaelia, Greek-Egyptian Miss World contestant
  • Doña Marina (c.1496/c.1505–c.1529; better known as La Malinche), Nahua woman, who acted as interpreter, advisor, lover and intermediary for Hernán Cortés

Fictional characters[edit]