Marina City Park

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Marina City Park
Marina City Park (night).jpg
Marina City Park at night.
Marina City Park is located in Singapore
Marina City Park
Former location in Singapore
Location Marina South Singapore
Coordinates Coordinates: 1°17′N 103°52′E / 1.283°N 103.867°E / 1.283; 103.867
Area 26.2 ha
Created 1992
Closed 1 June 2007
Status Demolished

Marina City Park is a former park in Singapore, located at Marina South, with entrances at Marina Boulevard and Marina Park. It is about 26.2 ha. Standing on reclaimed land, this park was planned to be a premier park of Singapore's proposed "city of the 21st century", as part of Singapore's vision to be a "City in a Garden". The park was closed in 2007 to make way for the Gardens by the Bay.


Opened in 1993 on the reclaimed land known as Marina South, the park has a two-tiered large pond with a fountain sprouting water up 18 metres high. From the series of waterfront terraces besides the pond, one will get an enchanting view of the greenery on the islands in the pond. There are three large open spaces where major events can be held.

Sculptures are also found here, ranging from contemporary ones such as Soaring Vision, Spirit of Youth, and Sculptural Fountain to historical ones like the 12 Chinese Legendary Heroes.

The Constellation Plaza helps to trace the constellation during the evenings. The Sundial Plaza at the seafront facing the Promenade is installed for the young to learn how to tell time.

There used to be a sandy playground at the southern end of the park, but the former has been demolished to make way for new construction works.[1]


Marina City Park was closed from 1 June 2007 for the Gardens by the Bay's site preparatory works.[2]

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