Marina East

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Marina East
Other transcription(s)
 • Chinese滨海东
 • PinyinBīnhǎi dōng
 • MalayMarina Timur
 • Tamilமரினா கிழக்கு
Marina Bay Golf Course at Marina East
Marina Bay Golf Course at Marina East
Location on Central Region
Location on Central Region
Country Singapore
 • Mayors----
 • Total1.82 km2 (0.70 sq mi)
 • Rank46th
 • Total0
 • Density0.0/km2 (0.0/sq mi)
Ethnic groups

Marina East is a planning area located in the Central Area of the Central Region of Singapore, covering 140 hectares (350 acres) of reclaimed land.[1]

It is the location of NTUC Club's Marina Bay Golf Course (formerly known as the Marina East Course) and the Gardens by the Bay (Bay East Garden).[2]

Marina East is bordered by Marine Parade to the east, Kallang to the north, Marina South and Downtown Core to the west, as well as the Singapore Straits to the south. Marina East Planning Area should not be confused with the Marina East subzone that is part of the adjacent Marine Parade Planning Area.


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