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Elizabeth Habe (1951 December 29, 1968) was the daughter of Hans Habe and Eloise Hardt. She was a student at the University of Hawaii home on vacation when she was murdered in Los Angeles, California while returning home from a date.[1] She may have been slain by members of the Manson Family. Her body was discovered on New Years Day 1969 in dense underbrush off Mulholland Drive, 100 feet west of Bowmont Drive. She was found with contusions in her eyes, slashes to her throat and heart, burned, raped and nude except for a shoe.[2]

Habe was abducted outside the home of her mother, actress Eloise Hardt, in West Hollywood. The residence, 8962 Cynthia Avenue, was three blocks below Sunset Boulevard. Habe had double dated with John Hornburg, 22, a family friend. She left the Hornburg residence at 3:15 a.m. in her sports car.[3] The neighborhood was the location of a number of rapes in the weeks prior to Habe's death.

A former Manson Family associate said that members of the Family knew her.[2]

Autopsy conclusions[edit]

Los Angeles County coroner Thomas Noguchi recorded that the teenager bled to death.[4] She was raped according to author Ed Sanders.[2] A Los Angeles Times article disputes this conclusion.[4]


Habe was buried in Holy Cross Cemetery in Culver City following a requiem mass at Good Shepherd Roman Catholic Church in Beverly Hills.[5]


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