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Marina Lima in concert.
Florianópolis, Brazil, June 2007.

Marina Correia Lima (Portuguese pronunciation: [maˈɾinɐ ˈlimɐ], born September 17, 1955) is a Brazilian singer and songwriter. She is a prominent female pioneer of Brazilian rock music.


She began composing songs at age 17.[1]

From the age of five to twelve, Mas before achieving major success with the 1984 album Fullgás, which included the hit singles "Fullgás", "Me Chama" (written by Lobão), "Veneno" and "Mesmo que Seja Eu".

In 1986 she released the first home video concert by a Brazilian artist, "Todas Ao Vivo" which chronicled the tour in support of her 1985 album "Todas" and included several of her previous hits as well as backstage interviews. The late 80s saw Marin".

Marina finally returned to prominence with the release of 2003's Acústico MTV (the Brazilian equivalent of the MTV Unplugged series), which spawned two top 10 hit singles (the new track "Sugar" and a reworked version of her 1984 hit "Fullgas") and became her best selling album in over a decade. The DVD (the first of her career) was also one of the year's best sellers. Her most recent album is No Osso - Ao Vivo, from 2015.


  • 2015 No Osso - Ao Vivo
  • 2011 Climax
  • 2006 Lá Nos Primórdios
  • 2003 Acústico MTV
  • 2001 Setembro
  • 2000 Síssi Na Sua - Ao Vivo
  • 1998 Pierrot do Brasil
  • 1996 Registros à Meia-Voz
  • 1995 Abrigo
  • 1993 O Chamado
  • 1991 Marina Lima
  • 1989 Próxima Parada
  • 1987 Virgem
  • 1986 Todas Ao Vivo
  • 1985 Todas
  • 1984 Fullgás
  • 1982 Desta Vida, Desta Arte
  • 1981 Certos Acordes
  • 1981 Olhos Felizes
  • 1979 Simples Como Fogo


  • 2003 Acústico MTV

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