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Denis & Denis
Origin Rijeka, SFR Yugoslavia
Genres New wave, synthpop
Years active 1982 (1982)–1988
Past members

Denis & Denis is an electropop music band from Rijeka, SFR Yugoslavia established in 1982.The band published four studio albums Čuvaj se! (1984), Ja sam lažljiva (1985), Budi tu (1988) and "Restart" (2013). They were one of the most popular groups in former Yugoslavia, who were often featured on the newspaper and music magazine covers.[1] They fell apart in 1988 after publishing their third album Budi tu. In 2012 the group reunited.

History of the band[edit]

Davor Tolja with Rijeka musicians at the gathering of Rijekas new wave in 2008
Marina Perazić with Rijeka musicians at the gathering of Rijekas new wave in 2008

After the musical group Vrijeme i zemlja disestablishes in early 1980s, Davor Tolja (born 1957) starts the group Toljina funk-selekcija with which he plays on Ri-rock. The group consisted of two members : Davor Tolja and Marina Perazić. In the year 1982 they renamed the group to Denis & Denis.[2] Marina has earlier sung in the choir "Jeka primorja" while studying on university where she was also a member of multi-media group Sigma Tau.[3]

Group Denis & Denis has soon reached success, for which demo effect recordings and Perazić's sexy voice contributed the most. They reached all major radio stations in former SFRY almost overnight. First concert they had was at the end of 1982 in Rijeka's Dvorana mladosti (Hall of Youth) as an introduction group for the group Boa, soon reaching greater media appearance in 1983. In 1983 they released their first album Čuvaj se!, with the leading song Program tvog kompjutera (B-side single "Noć"). Material consisted from collection of hit-singles, which are hard to divide, because they were all favorites. Album Čuvaj se! was ranked as the best album in 1984 in magazine "Rock" rated from the foreign public. Several people contributed to the recording of the album: Massimo Savić (electric guitar), Zoran Prodanović (vocal) and Edi Kraljić (vocal), while the producers were Davor Tolja and Andrej Baša. After the album release a greater media appearance followed, with TV performances, while they less played for the public audience.


  • 1984. - Čuvaj se! (Jugoton)
  • 1985. - Ja sam lažljiva (Jugoton)
  • 1988. - Budi tu (Jugoton)
  • 1995. - Program Tvog Kompjutera (kompilacija) (Croatia Records)
  • 2006. - The Best Of Denis & Denis (Croatia Records)
  • 2010. - 2 na 1 (reizdanje prva 2 albuma) (Croatia Records)
  • 2013. - Restart (Dallas records)
  • 1984. - "Program tvog kompjutera" / "Noć" (Jugoton)
  • 1985. - "Oaze snova" / "Voli me još ovu noć" (Jugoton)
  • 1987. - "Bengalski tigar" / "Bio sam dijete" (Jugoton)


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