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Marina Tucaković (Serbian: Марина Туцаковић) is a Serbian songwriter who has composed several hit albums in former Yugoslavia. She is a known collaborator with Lepa Brena, Ceca and Jelena Karleuša, among others. She has composed the lyrics of the Serbian entries for Eurovision Song Contest 2010 ("Ovo Je Balkan"),[1] 2012 ("Nije ljubav stvar") and 2013 ("Ljubav je svuda").

Before she oriented towards folk music, she collaborated with pop, rock and new wave artist, such as Zana and Slađana Milošević. In 1987, Dutch singer Piet Veerman (former member of the popular Dutch band The Cats) had a number one hit in The Netherlands with the single "Sailin' Home", which was a translation of one Tucaković's songs. It became the biggest selling single of the year in The Netherlands.