Marind languages

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Ethnicity Marind people
New Guinea
Linguistic classification Trans–New Guinea
  • Fly River (Anim)[1]
    • Marind
  • Marind
  • Yaqay
Glottolog mari1437[2]
Map: The Marind languages of New Guinea
  The Marind languages
  Other Trans–New Guinea languages
  Other Papuan languages
  Austronesian languages

The Marind languages are a well established language family of Papuan languages, spoken by the Marind-anim. They form part of the Trans–New Guinea languages in the classifications of Stephen Wurm and Malcolm Ross.

The pronouns are:

sg pl
1 *no-ko *ni-ki
2 *ɣo-ko *zo-ko
3 (m) *ɛ-ɣi, *ɛ
(f) *-u-

The Marind languages were partially identified by Sidney Herbert Ray and JHP Murray in 1918; the family was filled out by JHMC Boelaars in 1950. It was incorporated into Trans–New Guinea by Stephen Wurm in 1975.

The Boazi languages were formerly classified as Marind.

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