Marine Drive (Nova Scotia)

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Marine Drive

The Marine Drive is a designated scenic route along Nova Scotia's Eastern Shore. It closely follows the coast of the Atlantic Ocean and the Strait of Canso from the Canso Causeway to the junction of Route 322 and Highway 111 in Dartmouth.

Highways of Marine Drive[edit]

Jeddore Oyster Ponds

Communities on Marine Drive[edit]

West Chezzetcook
Ecum Secum


  • Port Shoreham Beach Provincial Park
  • Boylston Provincial Park
  • Tor Bay Provincial Park
  • Salsman Provincial Park
  • Sherbrooke Provincial Park
  • Marie Joseph Provincial Park
  • Taylor Head Provincial Park
  • Spry Bay Provincial Park
  • Clam Harbour Beach Provincial Park
  • Martinique Beach Provincial Park
  • Porters Lake Provincial Park
  • Lawrencetown Beach Provincial Park
  • Rainbow Haven Beach Provincial Park
  • McNabs and Lawlor's Island Provincial Park
  • Bissett Road Trail
  • Cole Harbour -Lawrencetown Coastal Heritage Park System
  • Moser River Interpretive Trail
  • Musquodoboit Trail System
  • Moser River Seaside Park
  • Tangier Grand Lake Wilderness Area
  • West River Sheet Harbour Picnic Park
  • McCormick's Beach


  • Sherbrooke Village Miners Museum
  • Fisherman’s Life Museum
  • Musquodoboit Harbour Railway Museum
  • Cole Harbour Heritage Farm Museum
  • Old Hall Wilderness Heritage Centre
  • The Old Courthouse Museum
  • MacPhee House Museum