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The Marine Regiment (Danish: Marineregimentet) was the naval infantry of the Royal Dano-Norwegian Navy, established in 1672 by Christian IV and based at Glückstadt Naval Station.


Marine Regiment, was a Danish-Norwegian combat unit, which was established in 1672 with Captain Vogel as manager and had garrisoned at Naval Station Glückstadt in the town of Gluckstadt, founded by Christian 4 in 1617 at the Elbe in Holstein. In the days before the founding of the regiment had the Danish warships always a group of regular soldiers on board, whose job was to fire on deck and rigging and the hallway and capture enemy vessels. The creation of the regiment was due presumably confusion about the chain of command, execution of commands and other organizational make. Regimental soldiers must not be confused with the vessel's sailors. For several years thereafter, Danish warships two managers, master who took care of sailing, maneuvering and navigation, while marine regimental commander was the leader of the fighting.

It was considered a punishment to be mariner (Marine), and the recruitment base for the device included individuals who could not adapt to other devices. This created a tradition of extremely hardy soldiers. Even among sailors were these soldiers (or sieve spoon as they are also referred to) feared and hated. But one thing you could not deprive them was their fighting spirit and -mod. The unit went honorably out of one battle after another, regardless of the Danish efforts in general. In several blows they received permission to leave the battlefields with weapons in hand as recognition for their efforts.

In 1741, it moved to Rendsburg and changed its name to Bornholmske infanteriregiment (Bornholm Infantry Regiment).

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