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Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) Adm. Gary Roughead takes a tour of Marinette Marine Shipyard

Fincantieri Marinette Marine (FMM) is an American shipbuilding firm in Marinette, Wisconsin. Marinette Marine was a subsidiary of Manitowoc Marine Group of Wisconsin from 2000 to 2009, when it was sold to Fincantieri Marine Group.[1]


USS Detroit christened

Marinette Marine Corporation (MMC) was founded on the Menominee River in Marinette, Wisconsin, in 1942 as part of the growth in the American shipbuilding industry during World War II.[2]

In 2000 Marinette Marine, a privately held company, was purchased by The Manitowoc Company for approximately $48 million. On August 4, 2008, the Manitowoc Company announced that it had signed an agreement to sell their Manitowoc Marine Group division, which includes Marinette Marine, to Fincantieri Marine Group Holdings, Inc. and minority investor Lockheed Martin.[3] The sale was completed on January 1, 2009 to Fincantieri. The net purchase price in the all-cash deal was approximately $120 million.[4]

Since its founding, Marinette Marine has produced more than 1,300 vessels. While primarily a producer of commercial vessels, it has also taken a number of contracts for the United States Navy, primarily for auxiliary vessels. Most recently, Marinette Marine became part of a team with Lockheed Martin to produce one of two littoral combat ship designs for the Navy, resulting in the launch of the USS Freedom on September 23, 2006. In 2010, Marinette Marine bid for work on the Ship-to-Shore Connector, which would replace the Landing Craft Air Cushion (LCAC).[5]

On April 30, 2020, it was announced that Fincantieri Marinette Marine had won the contract to produce the United States Navy new Constellation-class multimission guided-missile frigate.

In 2019, Vice President Mike Pence and Secretary of Labor Eugene Scalia spoke at Marinette Marine Shipyard praising the Trump administration's support for American manufacturing industries and vocational education.[6][7] One year later, during the 2020 presidential election, President Donald Trump himself held a reelection rally at the shipyard with Wisconsin State Assembly representatives John Nygren and Mary Felzkowski touting his administration's manufacturing policy, military expansion, and the United States–Mexico–Canada Agreement.[8][9]

As of 2023, Fincantieri Marinette Marine is planning to overhaul and expand its yard facilities as part of winning a contract to construct the Constellation-class frigates. The changes will accommodate the larger size of those frigates versus the littoral combat ships and will alter the way the yard launches ships.[10]


All Marinette Marine facilities are located on the Menominee River in Marinette, Wisconsin. Some of the specific facilities they comprise are as follows:

  • 300,000 square feet (30,000 m2) of indoor ship construction space
  • 53,000 square feet (4,900 m2) of indoor warehousing and receiving space
  • Ship launching facility for up to 4,500 long tons
  • Ship transport system for up to 1,600 tons
  • Ship module movers for up to 160 tons
  • 275 ton yard crane
  • 100 ton yard crane
  • 40 ton yard cranes

Ships and boats built[edit]

Ships built by Marinette Marine include:

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