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Mario Buatta (Livingston Heights) Staten Island is an American interior decorator.[1] Born on Staten Island, New York in 1935, he attended Curtis High School, Cooper Union and Parson School of Design.

He has designed interiors for clients Mariah Carey, Henry Ford II, Malcolm Forbes, Barbara Walters, Nelson Doubleday, Mr. and Mrs. S.I. Newhouse, Charlotte Ford and Billy Joel. He oversaw the interior of the Blair House, Washington DC. and is known as the "Prince of Chintz" based partially on his use of lush floral prints.[2][3][4]

Mario Buatta owns the William H. Mason house in Thompson Hill, Connecticut, a historic home that has fallen into disrepair. There is some protest surrounding this building.[5]

Mario Buatta's most extensive work was Carolands, an historic 92-room chateau located in the town of Hillsborough, California located just south of San Francisco.

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