Mario Gully

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Mario Gully
Born Orlando, Florida
Nationality American
Area(s) Writer, Penciller, Inker
Notable works

Mario Gully known professionally as O.M.G, is an American comic book artist who created the American comic book series known as Ant.


Gully had been interested in art but it was only when he was incarcerated that he had a Robert the Bruce moment with an insect that changed the direction of his life. According to Gully:

Ant was first picked up by Arcana Studios[1] and later moved to Image Comics where it would deal with more adult themes, leading to an incident where Gully had to issue an apology for a partial nude scene.[2] The comic book would move again to Big City Comics[3] where three further issues were published.

Mario Gully later moved from the Independent pool of comics to go on and draw for Marvel Comics. He has drawn Marvel Illustrated: Treasure Island adapted by legendary writer Roy Thomas with whom he would also work on the adaptation of Kidnapped,[4] Marvel Adventures Hulk, and Exiles.


Comics work includes:


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