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Mario Monticelli (16 March 1902, Venice – 30 June 1995, Milan) was an Italian chess player.[1] He was awarded the International Master (IM) title in 1950 and the Grandmaster title honoris causa (GME) in 1985.

In 1922, he won in Rome (ITA-ch Univ). In 1925, he won in Bologna. In 1926, Monticelli tied for 1st with Ernst Grünfeld in Budapest. In 1929, he took 11th in Budapest (José Raúl Capablanca won). In 1929, he tied for 4-5th in Barcelona (Capablanca won). In 1930, he took 14th in San Remo (Alexander Alekhine won).[2] In 1933, Monticelli won in Milan (Padulli Memorial). In 1934, he took 8th in Syracuse (Samuel Reshevsky won). In 1938, he tied for 1st with Erich Eliskases in Milan.[3] Monticelli was Italian Champion in 1929, 1934, and 1939.

He is the eponym of the Monticelli Trap, a chess opening trap in the Bogo-Indian Defence.


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