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Mario Pavone (born November 11, 1940) is an American jazz bassist.

He grew up in Waterbury, Connecticut and began performing in 1965. He was a member of Paul Bley's trio during 1968-72, and Bill Dixon's trio during the 1980s. He also performed with such musicians as Barry Altschul, Wadada Leo Smith, and Gerry Hemingway. Pavone recorded his first album as a leader in 1979, and has since recorded over a dozen albums under his name. In 1980 he began an 18-year musical relationship with saxophonist Thomas Chapin. Along with drummer Michael Sarin, the group recorded seven albums for Knitting Factory Records, which also released an eight-CD box set of these albums plus a live recording following Chapin's death in 1998. Pavone also co-led a group with Anthony Braxton in the early 1990s. Since Chapin's death, Pavone has led many of his own groups, performing widely throughout North America and Europe. He also co-led a group with Michael Musillami. His groups have included, among others: Michael Sarin, Matt Wilson, Gerald Cleaver, Peter Madsen, Joshua Redman, Tony Malaby, Dave Douglas, Steven Bernstein, George Schuller, Craig Taborn and Jimmy Greene.


As leader/co-leader[edit]

  • Digit (Alacra, 1979)
  • Shodo (Alacra, 1981)
  • Sharpeville (Alacra, 1988)
  • Toulon Days (New World/Countercurrents, 1992)
  • Nine Duets (Music and Arts, 1993) with Anthony Braxton
  • Seven Standards (Knitting Factory, 1994) with Anthony Braxton
  • Song for (Septet) (New World/Countercurrents, 1995)
  • Dancer's Tales (Knitting Factory, 1997)
  • Remembering Thomas (Knitting Factory, 1999)
  • Op-Ed (Playscape, 2000) with Michael Musillami
  • Motion Poetry (Playscape, 2001) with Michael Musillami
  • Totem Blues (Knitting Factory, 2001)
  • Pivot (Playscape, 2002) with Michael Musillami
  • Mythos (Playscape, 2002)
  • Orange (Playscape, 2003)
  • Boom (Playscape, 2004)
  • Deez to Blues (Playscape, 2006)
  • Trio Arc (Playscape, 2008) with Paul Bley
  • Ancestors (Playscape, 2008)
  • Arc Suite T/Pi T/Po (Playscape, 2010)
  • Arc Trio (Playscape, 2013)
  • Street Songs (Playscape, 2014)
  • Blue Dialect (Clean Feed, 2015)

As sideman[edit]

With Samm Bennett

  • Knitting Factory Tours Europe 1991 (Knitting Factory, 1991)

With Sangeeta Michael Berardi

  • Divine Song (New Pulse Artists, 1979)

With Paul Bley

With Anthony Braxton

  • Six Standards (Quintet) 1996 (Splasc(H), 1996 [2004]) with Dave Douglas

With Thomas Chapin

  • Third Force (Knitting Factory, 1990)
  • Insomnia (Knitting Factory, 1991)
  • Anima (Knitting Factory, 1992)
  • Menagerie Dreams (Knitting Factory, 1994)
  • Haywire (Knitting Factory, 1996)
  • Sky Piece (Knitting Factory, 1998)
  • Nightbird Song (Knitting Factory, 1992 [1999])
  • Alive (Knitting Factory, 1990-96 [1999]) - 8CD compilation
  • Ride (Playscape, 1995 [2006])

With the Creative Improvisers Orchestra

  • The Sky Cries the Blues (CMIF, 1982)

With Bill Dixon

With Vernon Frazer

  • Sex Queen of the Berlin Turnpike (Woodcrest, 1988)

With Motation

  • Live at the Hillside (Alacra, 1988)

With Michael Pavone

  • Trio (Playscape, 2001)

With Dan Rose

  • Close Opposites (Alacra, 1979)

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