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Mario Telò (born 3 August 1950, Cremona, Italy) is a political scientist, mainly focusing on European studies, political theory and international relations. He was a researcher and professor in many European, Asian and American universities. Since 1995, he is “J.Monnet Chair ad personam”, and, since 2006, a member of the Royal Academy of Sciences, Bruxelles ( He is teaching ‘European Instititutions’ and ‘Comparative regionalism’ at LUISS University and LUISS School of Government, Rome ( He also teaches ‘International Relations’ at the Université Libre de Bruxelles (, where he is emeritus president of the Institut d’Etudes Européennes (, central coordinator of the “GEM international Phd School” ( and senior scholar of “GR:EEN”, an international integrated research project including 16 universities of five continents, funded by the 7th Research F.P. European Commission. He is author or editor of 29 books and of more the 100 scientific articles and takes since 30 years proactive part in the international debate about the EU.

Research, teaching and publications: four guidelines[edit]

Four notable interconnected guidelines can be identified in both his academic life and his research:

1. History of Political Thought: His academic background in Florence University (1974) and La Sapienza University (1978) and his research at Columbia University (1979) focused on the history of political ideas of the 20th century. He has taught history of political thought at the Universities of Brussels, Hamburg, Bari, LUISS amog others. Among his books on this themes: La socialdemocrazia europea nella crisi degli anni trenta, (Angeli, Milano, 1985) Le New Deal Européen, (Université de Bruxelles 1989), La socialdemocrazia tedesca tra storia e prospettiva, (ER, Roma, 1989), Après le communisme: 1989 et la théorie politique (with G.Haarscher), ULB, 1992 (also in Greek, Athens,1996); Dallo Stato all’Europa (Carocci, Roma, 2004, 2009), L’Etat et l’Europe (Labor, Bruxelles, 2006), Norberto Bobbio: l’Etat et la démocratie internationale (Complexe, Bruxelles 1999), L’Italia nel processo di costruzione europea, in Storia dell’Italia repubblicana (Einaudi, Turin, 1995, volume 3, pp. 131–253); Italian intellectuals and the Ideas of Europe: continuity and discontinuity, in European Stories. European Stories, edited by K. Nicolaidis and J. Lacroix (Oxford University Press, 2011); Lo Stato e la democrazia internazionale. ll contributo di N.Bobbio oltre globalismo giuridico e relativismo, in «Teoria politica»,XV,n.2/3,1999,pp. 533–562.

2. Comparative political studies: after obtaining the title of Researcher in Political sociology (1983) he has taught Comparative politics in Hamburg, Roskilde U.C., Pisa Sant Anna, Brussels and directed the Political sciences department of the IEE-ULB from 1988 to 2006. His main publications in this research fields are: in comparative European studies : (ed) Sindacati e neocorporativismo, Angeli 1983; (ed) Governo e riforme: il caso svedese Angeli, 1988 ; Dove va la nuova Germania? Special issue of ‘Europa Europe’ n.2/3, 1995 (with R.Seidelman), Special issue of‘Comparative European Politics’ on Italian transition and European context (with L.Tomini, G.Sandri, JM.De Waele), 2013 vol 11,b.3 ( also in French 2012); in comparative international regionalist studies (focusing on groupings among neighbouring states): European Union and New Regionalism, Ashgate, Aldershot, 2001 and 2007, EU,Regionalism, Interregionalism and Multilateralism, in J.P.Defraigne (ed) The EU and the Rise of Regionalism, Brussels, Bruylant 2009, pp. 91–108 The EU, Regionalism and Global Governance, in “Studia Diplomatica”, 2001,12; Between Multilateralism, Unipolarism and Multipolarism, in R. Seidelmann, Heungchonk K.(ed) Regional integration in Europe and Asia, Nomos Verlag, Baden Baden, 2009, pp. 13–43; O papel do multilateralismo o do regionalismo na modelacao das relacoes inter-regionais, in Regular y democratizar el systema global, edited by A.Vasconcelos,Principia ed.,Cascais 1999, pp 27–54; The European Union, regionalism, and world order: five scenarios, in Fédéralisme Régionalisme, Vol. 11,2011, N. 2 - Le régionalisme international : regards croisés. Europe, Asie et Maghreb(ed by S.Santander); Regionalismo Globalizzazione e global governance, in Atlante Enciclopedia Treccani 2013; EU and New Regionalism. Competing Regionalism and Global Governance in a post hegemonic era, Ashgate, 2014, 3rd edition; with J.F. Morin and others, The Politics of transatlantic trade negotiations. The TTIP in global governance, Ashgate, 2015; with L. Fawcett and F. Ponjaert, EU and Interregionalism, Ashgate 2015.

3. European integration studies. Visiting professor at Berlin-Humboldt Univ.(1999); Drew Univ., New Jersey. (1988 and 2005); Mexico City UAM (1985), Chuo University Tokyo (2005); Queen Mary and Westfield College, London (1993); the Italian Universities of Florence (1992-2006), Bologna (2001,2002), Genua (2000,2001); Institute for European Studies, Geneva (2000, 2012), LSE (2009-2010), Oxford, St Antony’s (2010), Columbia univ. SIPA (2010). Lectures inaugurating the academic year by the Universities of Geneva, Turin, Brussels). Main research project: ARC project on EU democracy and governance: my role; Founder and co-leader (1995-2000) - ‘Action J.Monnet’ Networks in 2001, 2005/06 and 2009-11. His main publications as editor are De La Nation à l’Europe Brussels, Bruyland, 1993 ; L’UE et les défis de l’élargissement, Brussels, Preface by W.Wallace, 1993 ; Démocratie et construction européenne, 1995 ; Repenser l’Europe (with P. Magnette), Brussels, 1996 ; De Maastricht à Amsterdam. La réforme des Traités, (with P. Magnette) Complexe, Brussels, 1998 ; -Die Internationale Dimension der Europäischer Identität, in Europäische Identität als Projekt, edited by Th Meyer and J. Eisenberg, VS Verlag, 2009, pp. 169–77 ; The Lisbon Strategy as a Global Strategy of the EU, in M.J.Rodrigues (ed), Europe, Globalization and the Lisbon agenda,Elgar, London 2009 ; Justice and Solidarity, in A Soul for Europe, ed by F.Cerutti and E.Rudolph, Peeters,Leuven-Sterling Virginia, 2001, vol. 1, pp 73–90 ( also in Italian, Pisa ET2003 and in German, Orell Verlag, 2011); The Nice Treaty reform: the Role of the Council, in P.Cullen (éd) The European Institutions after Nice: are they Fit for Enlargement?, Academy of European Law Trier, Germany,2002; Pertinence et limites des thèses fédéralistes, in N.Levrat et F Esposito (ed) Europe : de l’intégreation à la fédération, Université de Genève, 2010; The democratization of the EU: theoretical and historical aspects, in L.Levi and G.Fenizio (eds) The Democratization of International Institutions, Routledge 2014, pp. 145–57; L'integrazione regionale dell'Unione Europea: quali evoluzioni alternative? per Atlante Enciclopedia Treccani, 2015.

4. EU and International relations. He was visiting professor in: CFAU, Beijin; Renmin, Fudan University and SIES (Shanghai Institute for European Studies), Shanghai; European Studies Institute, IEEM and University of Macau (2000-2009); Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi Univ.(2001,2003); Bandung Catholic Univ., Indonesia. Leading member of several international network funded by the EU Commission DG research: FP6 and FP7, DG Culture and national governments: ”GARNET Network of Excellence” (Globalisation and Regionalisation Network, 2005–10), €5.4 million over 5 years, EU 6th Framework Research Programme in collaboration with University of Warwick (lead institution) and 42 research institutions EU-wide; the application received 24 out of 25 possible points for excellence and was one of only two established by the EU under the subject area "Governance." I[who?] was member of the management committee member, president of the PhD school academic council. “NESCA” (2005-8) 10 EU and East-Asian Universities; Member of the board and promoter of the closing conference in Brussels.”Transcultura”international institute chaired by U. Eco (meeting in Delhi, Pondicherry, Brussels, Paris, Beijing: 2005-2009. International Networks: M Telò is the central coordinator of the global PhD school “GEM”- (Globalization, Europe, Multilateralism), Erasmus Mundus Joint Doctorate 2010-2017: including up to 50 full-time researchers, 5 million Euros, based on a consortium between 10 European, Asian and American Universities. Senior scholar of GR:EEN reseatrch project ( FP 7, 10 Millions E with Warwick un. And 15 more universities of 5 continents) and Member of the steering committee, Director of WP2 and WP8 (2010-2015), implying 6 workshops and six books. Main books in this field: - Europe. A Civilian Power? EU, global governance and world order, Palgrave Macmillan, Hampshire 2005 (in Italian, 2004, Laterza). - International Relations.A European Perspective, foreword by R.O.Keohane, Editions de l’Université de Bruxelles, 2008 and Ashgate 2009, in Mandarin, Shanghai, 2012) - selected edited books: The EU and Global Governance, London Routledge 2009, in English, FNRS-Wernaers Price 2010. L’Europa nel sistema internazionale, Il Mulino, 2009.; Globalization, State and Multilateralism Springer, Dordrecht, 2012 ; The EU’s Foreign Policy. What kind of Power and Diplomatic Action?, (with F.Ponjaert) Ashgate 2013, Globalization, Multilateralism,Europe. Towards a better Global Governance? Ashgate 2014. Selected scientific articles and chapters: EU and India: a longue durée approach to the evolving relationship between two civilian powers, in S.Aziz Wülbers (ed), EU-India Relations, Academic Foundation, New Delhi 2008, pp. 105–125; Regionalism and World Order, in “Asia Pacific Journal of EU studies”, n 2, winter 2007, pp. 95–127; New Regionalism: a structural and multidimensional phenomenon of the globalized world,; Japan and European Union for a new multilateral world order, in The Challenges of Globalization, Chuo Univ Press, Tokyo, 2009, in R.Seidelmann/A.Vasilache (eds), EU and Asia, Nomos Verlag, Baden Baden, 2008; EU’s unprecedented power:divisions and unity in the development of European external policies, in A.Gamble and D.Lane (eds) The European Union and World Politics: Consensus and Division, Palgrave Macmillan 2009, pp. 36–57,.

Consultancies and referees[edit]

Telò served as advisor to the European Commission (Coordinator of J. Monnet chairs network contributing to the EU’s white paper on global governance, 2001; member of the high-level group of Social science, DG research 2001-2006), as advisor to the EU Council Presidency (2000 and 2007), to the European Parliament (Report on Rasmussen Global governance 2003), to the Belgian Parliament (van Rompuy commission on global governance). In the academia he served as president and vice president of the Institut d’Etudes Européennes, ULB 2006-2013, where he is entitled as emeritus professor. He is currently advisor to the LUISS Rector for International Relations. Telo’ supervised 20 PhD theses and served also as external referee for selecting researchers and research projects and for PhD examens for: the Universities of Montreal, Taipei, Liège; Giessen, Dortmund, Münster; Bordeaux; Paris I, IEP; Katholieke Universiteit Leuven; Vreij Universiteit Brussels; Univ. Genth; La Sapienza Rome, Central European University, Budapest; the Swedish Center Advanced Social Studies (SCASS, Uppsala); the Volkswagen-Stiftung and DAAD; Italian Ministry for Research, Norwegian Research Council, Japanese Ministry of Education, C.Foreign Affairs University, Beijing. He served also as referee for Cambridge University Press, Routledge Publisher, Palgrave, Ashgate Publisher, Journal of Common Market Studies, Journal of European Social Policy; Journal of European Public Policy; International Studies Review (Univ. Connecticut); Review of International Political Economy, (J. Hopkins Univ. Baltimore), International studies (JNU, New Delhi). 2008, Global policy (LSE), European Journal of International Relations; Etudes du CERI-Paris, European Societies (ed. by G.Therborn, Cambridge), University of Pennsylvania, Expert Panel ranking for world think-tank ranking.

Journals and book series[edit]

Mario Telo served as member of the managing board of the Journal of European Integration (Essex University) and as a member of the scientific board of several academic journals as European Politics, Journal of Southern Europe and the Balkans (London Un.), « Res Publica» (VUB, Brussels), « Transitions » (Un . Bruxelles), « Europa/Europe» (Rome). From 1997 to 2004 he served as director of two book series in European studies published by Complexe and from 1998 to 2005 by the Editions de l’Université de Bruxelles and from 2012 of a new series published by Ashgate. He is currently member of the international board of: “Journal of European Integration” (Maastricht University), “Global Policy” (launched by LSE), “European Review of International Studies” (ERIS,Germany) and of “Storia del pensiero politico” (Il Mulino). He is also founder and director of a new book series by Routledge (Globalization, Europe, Multilateralism, see,%20Europe,%20Multilateralism%20series.pdf).

Just Published:

M.Telo’ , L’Europe en crise et le monde, Editions de l’Université de Bruxelles,

M.Telo’, Regionalism in hard times. Competitive and post-liberal trends in Europe,Asia,Africa and the Americas,Abingdon, Routledge,


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