Marion–Bermuda Cruising Yacht Race

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The Marion to Bermuda Cruising Yacht Race is a biennial yacht race held in odd-numbered years, from Marion, Massachusetts to the island of Bermuda, a distance of 645 nautical miles (1,195 km).[1]

The concept for the race began in 1975, by Mr. W. David Kingery[citation needed]. He was a member of the Beverly Yacht Club, (Marion, MA), on the Board of Governors of the Blue Water Sailing Club, and interested in doing a single-handed race from England to Newport, Rhode Island. The original concept was an organized race to Bermuda for cruising yachts and family sailors.

Mr. Kingery collaborated also with the Royal Hamilton Amateur Dinghy Club, which joined the Beverly Yacht Club and the Blue Water Sailing Club, as the sponsoring clubs of the race event. The first Marion–Bermuda Cruising Yacht Race took place in 1977.[2]

Originally, race participants were only allowed to use celestial navigation; [electronic navigation] was added in 1997[citation needed]. The average size of a cruising boat in 1977 was 38 feet (12 m)[citation needed]. In the 2007 race, the average boat was 47 feet (14 m) with a number of boats over 70 feet (21 m)[citation needed].

The Marion to Bermuda Cruising Yacht Race now has in place a “Race Mentor Program” for skippers who have never done the Marion Bermuda Race before. Additionally, participants prepare for the race by attending the Safety at Sea Seminar, generally held in March, a few months prior to the start of race.[citation needed].


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