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1917 Marion-Handley Brochure.jpg
Marion Handley Brochure Cover
TypeTouring car
ManufacturerMutual Motors Corporation
AssemblyJackson, Michigan
Body and chassis
Body styleTouring, Roadster
PredecessorMarion (automobile)

The Marion-Handley was an automobile built in Jackson, Michigan by the Mutual Motors Corporation from 1916 to 1918.[1]


Mutual Motors Corporation was formed combining the Imperial Automobile Company and Marion Motor Car Company. The Imperial was discontinued and the Marion became the Marion-Handley.[2]

Two models were available, a touring car and a four-seater roadster. The 6-40 model was built on a 10 ft (3,000 mm) wheelbase, and the 6-60 was offered with a 10 ft 5 in (3,180 mm) wheelbase. The Marion-Handley was an assembled car equipped with a Continental six-cylinder engine. Wooden artillery wheels were standard equipment on the touring car, but the roadster model offered wire wheels as an option. Factory price in 1917 was $1,575, equivalent to $35,975 in 2022. Mutual Motors ended production in 1918 after 2,081 cars had been produced. The factory was sold in 1919.[2][1]

1916 Marion-Handley Touring Car


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