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Marion Grasby
Marion Grasby in Thailand.JPG
Marion Grasby in Thailand, January 2013
Born (1982-09-29) 29 September 1982 (age 37)
ResidenceBangkok, Thailand
NationalityThai Australian
EducationJournalism, Law, Gastronomy
Alma materQueensland University of Technology
University of Adelaide
Years active2006–present
Known forOwner and creator of Marion’s Kitchen food range, television presenter, cookbook author, food journalist
TelevisionMarion's Thailand 2013 (Lifestyle Food Channel)
MasterChef Australia, Season 2 MasterChef Australia All-Stars
The Celebrity Apprentice Australia, Season 2
Spouse(s)Tim Althaus
WebsiteMarion's Kitchen

Marion Grasby (born 29 September 1982 in Darwin, Northern Territory) is a Thai-Australian cook, and the owner and creator of Marion’s Kitchen food range. She is also a television presenter, cookbook author and food journalist.[1]

Early life[edit]

Grasby started life in the tropical city of Darwin. She later moved to Brisbane where she boarded at Somerville House. Her heritage is Thai (courtesy of her mother) and Australian (courtesy of her father).[2] Grasby's mother, Noi, is her hero and mentor. Grasby says her mother (a professionally trained Thai chef) inspires her with a natural love of food that contributes to her success in her food career.[3]

We travelled and ate our way across so many places when I was growing up and that sense of adventure translates into the food I cook now. The way we cook and the way we eat tell us so much about who we are and where we’ve been.[4]


After university, Grasby was employed by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) in Adelaide, South Australia as a journalist. Between 2006 and 2008 Grasby was a reporter with the ABC. She filed reports for a range of radio and online services, including The World Today,[5] AM,[6] and ABC Rural.[7] She also worked as a producer for Stateline. [8]

Career with food[edit]

In 2008 Grasby left her journalism career and went back to university to study for a Masters of Gastronomy at the University of Adelaide.[9]

MasterChef Australia, Season 2[edit]

In 2010 Grasby took a break from her Masters in Gastronomy course to compete in the second series of MasterChef Australia. She went from strength to strength throughout the competition and was a favourite among viewers. Her creative flair with Asian flavours mixed with her penchant for classic European technique and a calm kitchen presence impressed the judges and celebrity chef guests alike.[10]

Grasby's highlights in the series include winning a celebrity chef challenge against Movida’s Frank Camorra and being singled out by Heston Blumenthal as the best performer during a MasterChef challenge in the UK.[11] When MasterChef favourite Grasby was eliminated, her shock departure made front-page news across the country. After leaving the MasterChef competition, Grasby was overwhelmed by opportunities to cook, write and present.[12]

I was really interested in signing Marion because MasterChef Magazine is all about integrity and credibility. Marion has a background as a journalist at the ABC, she is passionate about food and cooking and is studying for a masters degree in gastronomy – she’s perfect columnist material and immensely likeable.[13] Trudi Jenkins, editor-in-chief, MasterChef Magazine.

The Marion’s Kitchen food company[edit]

In 2010, Grasby started her own food company[14] called Marion’s Kitchen.

Marion and her team use family recipes, time-honoured techniques and clean, honest ingredients to create their range of Asian food products.

Marion's Kitchen products are sold in retailers nationwide in Australia and the US.[15]

Current products in the Marion's Kitchen range include a wide selection of cooking kits, wok hits (stir-fry sauces), coconut milks, fresh wraps and noodles.[16]


Marion: Recipes and stories from a hungry cook[edit]

In 2011, Grasby released her first book, Marion: Recipes and stories from a hungry cook (ISBN 9781405040518)

The recipes in this book are not simply recipes I’ve plucked out of thin air. Each recipe tells a little story about me, where I’ve been and the people I love.[17]

The recipes are peppered with stories and with photography of the food and of Grasby’s travels through Australia and Thailand.[18]

Asia Express[edit]

In Asia Express, Marion Grasby shares her favourite fast, delicious, no-fuss Asian classics. "It’s so very easy to create quick, brilliant Asian dishes at home. These are the recipes I come back to, time and time again. Each one should take you no longer than 30 minutes," says Marion of her cookbook, Asia Express.[19]

TV Series[edit]

Marion’s Thailand[edit]

Grasby's series - Marion's Thailand - introduces viewers to fascinating parts of Thailand and teaches them how to cook authentic Thai food.[20][21]

Press and media[edit]

Grasby regularly appears on TV programs such as Good News Week,[22] the Nine Network's Mornings,[23] Everyday Gourmet with Justine Schofield and The Living Room.[24] Grasby also joined MasterChef All-Stars and Nine's Celebrity Apprentice for charitable purpose. Grasby nominated Save the Children as her charity for both shows.[25]

In February 2013, Grasby was nominated as a campaign ambassador for American Express Australia's 'Realise Your Potential in 2013' competition to help inspire people to aim high and achieve their dreams.[26]


Grasby is a Save the Children ambassador. Growing up in Papua New Guinea, she witnessed first-hand the huge difference in the lives of children in developing countries which is why she works with Save the Children.[27]

I grew up in Papua New Guinea where the difference between the children who have and those who have not is so incredibly huge. This is something I've never forgotten.[28]


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