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Marion Grieve
Died(1938-10-11)11 October 1938

Marion Grieve (born Marion Sellers Neilson)[1] lived during the Great War and was a known Scottish suffragette. She lived in Portobello, Edinburgh. Grieve gave up being a suffragette when the war started to assist on the home front and was an active member and supporter of various charities within Portobello.[2][3]

Personal life[edit]

There is nothing at this stage known about Grieve's early life. She was married to John Grieve, a coalmaster, and lived with John at Coillesdene House, Joppa.[1]

Campaigning for women's suffrage[edit]

Grieve was an active suffragette who took part in a demonstration at the House of Commons in December 1911. There is a rumour that she used to pick up stones from the local beach in Joppa and place them in her handbag to take to demonstrations.[2]

It is not known if Grieve took part in the Edinburgh to London Suffragette March which started around 12 October 1912; however it is said that those who disbanded the March stayed at her home, Coillesdene House, Joppa.[3][4]

Marion Greive's Headstone - Portobello Cemetery
Marion Greive's Headstone - Portobello Cemetery

Death and legacy[edit]

Grieve died a widow on 11 October 1938 at her home, Coillesdene House, Joppa at the age 90. Her funeral took place at Portobello Cemetery, Edinburgh on Friday 14 October 1938.[1] An Executry Notice for Marion's estate appeared in the paper on Saturday 22 October 1938.[5]

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