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Marisa Solinas with her son David (1967)

Marisa Anna Solinas (born 30 May 1941), best known as Marisa Solinas, is an Italian actress and singer.


Born in Genoa to a Tuscan mother and a Sardinian father,[1] Marisa Solinas made her film debut in 1961, but her career was launched the following year when she was chosen by Mario Monicelli to be the main actress in "Renzo e Luciana", one of the four episodes of Boccaccio '70;[1][2] the same year she appeared in Bernardo Bertolucci's film debut, La commare secca and acted on stage in Fogli d'album at the Festival dei Due Mondi.[2] Later she starred in a large number of genre films, especially spaghetti westerns, and appeared in several successful TV-series.[2]

She is also a singer, and published two albums and several singles, one of these released by La voce del padrone.[3]


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