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Marita Breuer (born 20 January 1953 in Düren) is a German actress, known for her portrayal of Maria Simon born Wiegand in the Heimat series.


Breuer studied acting at the Folkwang University of the Arts. Her acting style is based on the Stanislavski method.

Her first professional acting engagement was at Gießen, after which she worked with well-known directors in prestigious theatres - her roles have included

From 2000 to 2005 she was part of the ensemble cast at the Aachen Theatre.

Aside from her stage work she has appeared in cinema and on television, most notably portraying Maria Simon in the first part of the Heimat Trilogy directed by Edgar Reitz.

Breuer lives in Cologne.


TV Series

  • Tatort - Schwarzes Wochenende, D 1984/5
  • Ein Fall für Zwei - Die einzige Chance, D 1988
  • Tatort - Howalds Fall, D 1990
  • Ein Fall für Zwei - Kleiner Bruder, D 1995
  • Tatort - Bombenstimmung, D 1997
  • Der Fahnder - Blutiges Geld, D 1999
  • Die Rosenheim-Cops - Die Leibwächter der schönen Barbara, D 2005
  • Die Wache - Schatten der Vergangenheit, D 2006
  • Die Sitte - Machtspiele, D 2006
  • Tatort - Gebrochene Herzen, D 2006
  • Großstadtrevier, D 2007
  • Soko Köln - Guter Bruder, böser Bruder, D 2007
  • Tatort Kiel - Michelle, 8 Jahre, D 2008



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