Maritime, Fluvial and Harbour Museum of Rouen

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Maritime, Fluvial and Harbour Museum of Rouen
Musée maritime fluvial et portuaire de Rouen
Port de Rouen2.JPG
LocationHangar portuaire n°13, Quai Émile Duchemin, 76000 Rouen, France
Visitorsabout 10,000 per year
Public transit accessNearest bus stop: Mont-Riboudet (T1, T2, T3, 16)

The Maritime, Fluvial and Harbour Museum of Rouen (French: musée maritime fluvial et portuaire de Rouen) is a museum dedicated to the history of the port of Rouen, which is one of the greatest ports of France. The museum opened in 1999, during the Rouen Armada, a festival of tall ships which takes place every five years.

The museum[edit]

The main themes are:

Visitors can see trawler and barge motors, a fog warning bell which was formerly located in the estuary of the Risle, surface-supplied diving gear and a reproduction of the radio cabin of a 1960s ship.

The skeleton of a whale (on loan from the Natural History Museum of Rouen) is exhibited in the centre of the museum. It is a fin whale which was 7 years old when it died after grounding on a beach.

A 38-metre barge, the Pompon Rouge, is exhibited in the courtyard of the museum. Its hold has been transformed into an exhibition room about river navigation, including a model of a lock.

In addition, there are regular temporary exhibitions on a variety of topics, such as the Rouen transporter bridge or the vikings.


The site[edit]

Building 13, where the museum is located

The museum is located in a former port building, Building 13, not far from the new Gustave Flaubert Bridge. The building was built in 1926, and was called Building M until 1966, when the Autonomous Port of Rouen (Port autonome de Rouen) was created.

Until the 1970s it was leased to the Schiaffino Company, which transported wine between Rouen and North Africa and used it as a wine warehouse until a special wine building was built, and thereafter mainly for fruit.

The building was subsequently used by a series of different companies until 1984, when it became surplus because of insufficient size.

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