Mariveles Reef

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Mariveles Reef
Disputed island
Other names: Nanhai Jiao 南海礁;
Terumbu Mantanani;
Đá Kỳ Vân
Mariveles Reef, Spratly Islands.png
Satellite image of Mariveles Reef by NASA.
Mariveles Reef is located in South China Sea
Mariveles Reef
Location South China Sea
Coordinates 7°59′38″N 113°53′42″E / 7.99389°N 113.89500°E / 7.99389; 113.89500Coordinates: 7°59′38″N 113°53′42″E / 7.99389°N 113.89500°E / 7.99389; 113.89500
Archipelago Spratly Islands
Administered by
State Sabah
Claimed by
People's Republic of China
City Sansha, Hainan
Municipality Kalayaan, Palawan
Republic of China (Taiwan)
Municipality Cijin District, Kaohsiung
District Trường Sa District, Khánh Hòa

Mariveles Reef, known as Nanhai Jiao (Chinese: 南海礁) in China, Terumbu Mantanani in Malaysia, đá Kỳ Vân in Vietnam and Mariveles in the Philippines, is 59 km slightly east of north from Swallow Reef and 35nm southeast of Barque Canada Reef.[1] It dries at high tide enclosing two large lagoons in a figure of eight formation with a sand cay between them. This small cay, 1.5–2 m high, and some isolated rocks are just visible at high water.[citation needed]

The Royal Malaysian Navy has maintained a naval station called "Mike Station" since 1986.[2]