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Marjan Borsjes (born 1957, Alkmaar) is a Dutch photographer who evolved from her background of social science and community development to become a social photographer.

Borsjes photographs daily life in the form of city sights, portraits and social reports or documents. Often the content is multicultural. Borsjes photographs originate from concentration, love and instinct; or a feeling for the right moment and the right composition.

She has lived and worked mainly in Amsterdam. Although she has followed some photo courses at the Amsterdam Center of Photography and Fotogram, she is a mainly autodidact photographer.

Her works[edit]

In 2000, Borsjes took part in the writing of photo history in the Dutch project “Fotomonument 2000” about the daily life of Dutch inhabitants. Her subject was city people with their bikes. Out of 6000 photos, one of hers was chosen for the front cover of the book "Kijk ons” (Look at Us).

In addition to various exhibitions, Borsjes photos' have been published in several books and in ten different magazines (local magazines as well as SPITS, Traditie (‘Tradition’) and Dvoice, the last three with a national range).

'World Citizens of Amsterdam' is the title of both this photograph and the event at which it was taken on 6 June 2010. Initiator and lead photographer: Marjan Borsjes. Central figure in this picture is interim mayor Lodewijk Asscher.

In 2007, Dutch media announced that Amsterdam had been declared the most multicultural city in the world, with citizens of 177 different nationalities (out of a total of 194).This was the spur to organizing a celebration that would gather representatives from as many of these countries as possible, culminating in a group photo taken by Marjan Borsjes.


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