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Marjorie Anais Housepian Dobkin (Armenian: Մարջըրի Հուսեփյան-Դոբկին; November 21, 1922 - February 8, 2013) was Professor Emerita in English at Barnard College, Columbia University, New York. Her books include the novel A Houseful of Love (a New York Times bestseller) and the history Smyrna 1922.

Housepian Dobkin was born to Armenian parents in New York City in 1922, two and a half months after her grandfather was killed by a Turkish soldier during the burning of Smyrna, from which her grandmother fled as a refugee. Dobkin attended Barnard College, graduating in 1944. She was both a professor of literature and writing as well as associate dean of studies at Barnard from 1957 until 1993.

She was awarded the Anania Shirakatsi prize of the Academy of Sciences of Soviet Armenia and was also the recipient of an honorary doctorate from Wilson College.

Academic career[edit]

  • (1957-1988) Instructor in English at Barnard College
  • (1976-1993) Associate Dean of Studies
  • (1988-1993) Professor of English


  • A Houseful of Love (1957)
  • The Smyrna Affair (US version, 1971; currently in print under the title Smyrna 1922: The Destruction of a City)
  • Smyrna 1922 (UK version, 1972)
  • "The Unremembered Genocide" (article in Commentary)
  • The Making of a Feminist: Early Journals and Letters of M. Carey Thomas (1977)
  • "George Horton and Mark L. Bristol: opposing forces in U.S. foreign policy, 1919-1923" (1983)
  • Inside Out (1989)

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